Carolina y Gabriel

Carolina and Gabriel


Carolina Leonardelli and Gabriel Salvi have been dancing together since 2008 performing at various tango festivals and stage shows in Argentina and the world. Their training and intensive artistic experience at numerous tango companies and shows has enabled them to create a unique artistic style with a strong presence, technical perfection as well as impeccable artistry.

In 2016 Carolina and Gabriel were finalists at the most important tango competition in the world, the “Mundial de Tango”, in the stage tango category. They are currently invited guests at the international show “Tango Buenos Aires” on the Royal Caribbean cruise line in addition to regular appearances at the most prestigious Buenos Aires stage shows Señor Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel and Piazzolla Tango.

They teach master level tango in Buenos Aires as faculty members of the “Escuela de Danza Tradicionales Argentinas de Lomas de Zamora.”


Grupo Folklorico

Grupo Folklorico, Rio de la Plata


Grupo Folklorico Rio de la Plata was created in 2009 by Adrian and Silvana Correa, with a mission to keep Argentine and Uruguayan dance traditions alive through performances and educational activities. Adrian Correa, the director of the group, first started dancing in 1994 in his native country Uruguay, becoming an expert in folk styles such as Zamba and Chacarera. With Silvana, his wife, they have taken their Folklore to NY, NJ, CT and PA, dancing at numerous festivals. They are based in Danbury, CT performing Uruguayan and Argentinean folk dancing exclusively.

Emiliano Messiez

Emiliano Messiez, pianist


Born in Argentina and based in NYC, Emiliano Messiez began playing the piano at the age of 3. He has presented a wide range of musical styles in important venues worldwide and made numerous radio and TV appearances. He performed with groups and prestigious musicians such as Celeste Carballo, Alan Plachta, Raul Jaurena, Dino Saluzzi, JP Jofre, Pablo Aslan and Infantino Group, with whom he recorded his first album for which he received the UNESCO Trimarg Prize. Emiliano has been part of the show created by Mario & Daniel Celario "Tango Buenos Aires" as a music director and pianist. He is also the creator, arranger, and musical director of the Buenos Aires show "Barolo Tango.”

Javier Sanchez

Javier Sanchez, bandoneonist


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Javier Sanchez has been playing the bandoneón for 25 years. He toured the globe with large well-known orchestras and performance groups, such as Rodolfo Mederos Orchestra Tipica, Tango Pasion, Tanguera - Mora Godoy, Tango Emotion (returning to Japan for five consecutive years). He also played in many well known tango shows in Buenos Aires, such as “El Viejo Almacén”, “Esquina de Carlos Gardel”, “Café Tortoni”, “Piazzolla Tango Theater”, and many more. He won First Place of the prestigious “Che Bandoneon International Competition” in August 2016 judged by Victor Lavallén.

Dale and Gem

Dale and Gem


Dale Ellison, known in Buenos Aires as Delia, has been dancing Argentine tango for more than 19 years, and teaching for more than 10. She has developed a reputation as a dynamic Argentine Tango teacher and performer in salon, milonguero, nuevo and performance styles of tango.

Originally a San Francisco resident, Dale received her tango training from the stars of the famous show “Forever Tango” most notably Carlos Gavito and Marcela Duran. Initially a salsa dancer and club style salsa instructor, Dale was drawn to tango for its sensuality and passion, later winning the first prize in the first San Francisco Tango Competition in 1998. Dale Ellison teaches and runs tango activities as the director of Tango Rojo in Charleston SC.

Gem Duras started his tango training in 1995 initially with the original cast members of the famous show Forever Tango in particular the legendary Carlos Gavito. Later he visited Buenos Aires numerous times to study ballet as well as advanced technique and stage tango with younger Forever Tango stars Jesus Velazquez and Francisco Forquera becoming a certified tango instructor and dancer. He runs Tango Sueño in Connecticut and holds regular classes throughout CT as well as Westchester, NY.

Dale and Gem traveled to Buenos Aires numerous times to become familiar with the styles of such diverse dancers as Gustavo Naveira, Juan Carlos Copes, Osvaldo Zotto, Oscar Mandagaran, Chicho Frumboli, Geraldine Rojas and Susana Miller among others. They are the co-founders of the Connecticut Tango Festival and they teach in CT, SC and NY regularly.

Pablo Lanouguere

Pablo Lanouguere, bass


Pablo Lanouguere is an active Argentine musician and composer. He has participated in many and diverse musical projects over the past ten years, including: Tango, Folklore, and Jazz music. He has played at some of the most important venues in NYC, such as Carnegie Hall, Zinc Bar, Bryant Park (music festival), SOB'S, Rockwood Music Hall, among others, with artists such as Raul Jaurena, Daniel Binelli & Astoria Tango Orchestra, Fernando Otero, Adam Tully, Emilio Solla, Federico Diaz and many others. He has also toured around USA with Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet. He regularly plays around the city with different Tango, Jazz, Latin-Jazz, Swing, Salsa, Classical and World Music artists and bands. Since 2016 he is founding member of Abaddon Tango Sextet. He has been also part of theater productions: in the show Five Senses (Tango Show,2015, Thalia Spanish Theater); in Macbeth (classic Shakespeare play, 2015, Fox Wolf Production), and Afrotango ( Musical, 2016, Thalia Spanish Theater).

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